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Below are more resources for christmas sheet music. They are listed in alphabetical order. or, you can save a bit of time by searching here...

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Most of these sites do not exclusively feature Christmas sheet music. In other words, they have Christmas sheet music, but others as well, so you have to navigate to the Christmas section of the site.
Instrumentation for: Folk Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Harmonica
Categories: Traditional, Christmas
, Popular, Folk.
Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)

Richard Hefner’s excellent instructional site for banjo, folk guitar, harmonica and ukulele includes tablature and tutorials as well MP3 files for most of the songs. You'll find a number of Christmas selections, as well as popular folk favorites such as
Amazing Grace, Blue Mountain, Cripple Creek, and Greensleeves. A small, but fantastic tab collection for folk and traditional instrumentalists. Updated 06/21/2005.

Garden of Praise: Arrangements for Piano
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Christmas, Popular

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Here you'll find some very easy piano arrangements for a number of popular, public domain songs. These include several Christmas tunes, such as
Silent Night, Deck the Halls, and Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, as well as kids songs such as B-I-N-G-O, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Happy Birthday. The sheet music is in *.gif format. Added 01/03/2003.

Gotta Sing!
Instrumentation for: Vocal, Handbells, Piano, Organ
Categories: Christian, Christmas
Catalog Size: Small (25-50)

A nice selection of sheet music vocal arrangements for church use, including some hymns and Christmas tunes. Sheet music available in PDF and finale format. MIDI files available as well. Added 12/10/2007.

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Hoempa Music: Christmas For Percussion
Instrumentation for: Percussion, Vibraphone, Chimes, Drums, Etc.
Categories: Christmas

Catalog Size: Very Small (Less than 10)
Percussionists will be relieved to find at least one site featuring sheet music exclusively for them. Though this site features only a very small catalog of Christmas songs, a variety of percussion instruments are represented. Songs include
Christmas in 5/8, Joy to the Percussion World, and The Little Drummer Boy. Sheet music in *.gif format. Updated 09/23/2003.

Music Education Magic
Instrumentation for: Full Band Scores
Categories: Classical, Pop, Christmas
Catalog Size: Small (33 as of this writing)

Folks looking for complete band scores in particular will find something to please here at Music Education Magic. Complete scores are included in both PDF and Sibelius formats for a large number of Christmas tunes plus many traditional favorites such as Amazing Grace, The Star-Spangled Banner, Ode to Joy, Dixie, Alouette and others. Added 12/28/2007.

Split Infinity Music: Public Domain Worship and Praise
Instrumentation for: Guitar (Tablature)
Categories: Christian, Christmas

Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
Split Infinity Music offers a wide selection of public domain Christian guitar tablature including Hymns, choruses, and Christmas music. They also have one very unique feature... the ability to instantly transpose your selection to any other key. So, if you decided you would rather play
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God in the key of E rather than the default key of D, you can do that with a single click. Very cool. Finally, you can browse and listen to MIDI files for over 2000 church hymns. Updated 11/13/2001.

Violin Online
Instrumentation for: Violin
Categories: Classical
, Christmas 
Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Violin Online is an instructional site for beginning violinists, and includes educational material on fingering, bow placement, music fundamentals and more. Included in the sites 'Excercise Studio' are a dozen etudes for violin, including works by Bach, Wohlfahrt, and Sitt. In the "music store" you'll also find a nice selection of easy violin selections for the Christmas season. Updated 02/05/2008.

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