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Featuring Hymns, Worship, and Songs of Praise

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Editor's Picks...
Below are our personal picks, the sites that get our highest recommendation for this genre. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: Our favorite Christian 'sheet music' sites feature guitar and bass tabs, rather than piano. A skilled pianist can improvise from guitar tabs with practice. See our FAQ for more details on playing piano from guitar tabs.

The Psalmistry: All Psalms Christian Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
The Psalmistry is a very welcome addition to the Free Sheet Music Guide. Here, you will find original lyrics, sheet music, guitar chords and midi and mp3 download files for all 150 Psalms in the Bible. Just pick your favorite psalm in the music index to view lyrics and download/listening options. Sheet music available in PDF or Noteworthy format. Added 07/29/2002.
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar (Tablature), Guitar (Lead Sheets)
Categories: Christian
, Original
Catalog Size: Very Large (500+)
Share Song features original worship and praise music composed by over 400 different worship leaders from around the world. Works are organized by author, as well as song title, most popular downloads and there is of course a searchable database. What makes Share Song particularly appealing is that a majority of the song listings include sheet music (PDFs), chort charts (tabs), MP3 files as well as lyric sheets for each song. In offering all these options Share Song pretty much offers all the tools a worship or praise leader might need. A fantastic resource. Updated 10/07/2002

More Free Christian Sheet Music Resources:

Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary
Instrumentation for: Piano, Choral
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Huge (1000+)
This fantastic collection of classic hymns (all public domain) includes over 1000 songs in traditional four part harmony. Each selection includes a Noteworthy Composer score, MIDI file, and PDF file. Listings are categorized by song title, composer, source (hymnal), meter, and musical incipit (first few notes). Very high quality PDF scores. Updated 05/22/2003.

Darrell Crowther - Choral Arrangements
Instrumentation for: Piano, Organ, Voice
Categories: Christian, Christmas, Choral

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Darrell's choral arrangements for church include a SSAA rendition of
Beautiful Savior, as well as the popular Christmas selections Joy To The World and Oh Come Let Us Adore Him. Check out the barbershop quartet version of Home on the Range. All sheet music in PDF format. Updated 10/29/2001.

Douglas Campbell Music
Instrumentation for: Piano (Lead Sheets) and Guitar (Lead Sheets)
Categories: Original, Christian

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Worship leader DB Campbell has provided MIDI, lyric, and sheet music downloads for nearly two dozen of his original songs. The sheet music, provided in PDF format, includes the melody, lyrics, and chords to each song. Titles include
Forgive Us Oh Lord, Holy Father, I Want to Know Him and other selections from DB's CDs, which are also available from the site. Updated 05/22/2003.

Electronic Hymnal
Instrumentation for: Piano, Voice
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Medium (25-50)
At you'll find sheet music for about three-dozen hymns, notated in four-part harmony. These files are free, and downloadable in *.gif format. A $12 membership fee grants you access to 175 additional 'interactive' hymns (requires Noteworthy software). Added 02/18/2002.

Finale Showcase
Instrumentation for: Piano, Solo Instruments, Strings, Brass, Band, More...
Categories: All

Catalog Size: Huge (1000+)
Every once in a while we stumble across an absolute gem of a free sheet music site. This is one of them. This popular Finale showcase site allows Finale software users to upload their songs, arrangements, and compositions
for shared viewing, playing and transposing. The result is this huge directory filled with mostly easy sheet music arrangements for nearly all instruments in nearly every category. Classical music includes everything from Baroque, to Renaissance, Medieval and 20th century tunes. You'll find contemporary Christian music, gospel, children's music, country and rock music, rap music, show tunes, broadway, as well as soundtracks and holiday music. Instrumentation includes not only solo instruments, but arrangements for brass band, chamber, choir, handbells, and even percussion. Browse by category or instrumentation. You'll need Finale installed (which is free for download) to view and print the scores.Updated 04/22/2003.

Gospel Songwriter Harry Reinders
Instrumentation for: Piano & Voice
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
If you like music with that 'old southern gospel' flair you might enjoy these praise and worship choruses written by Harry Reinders. Harry has made about two dozen of his original choruses available for viewing, listening and downloading from his web site. Images are in *.gif format. Added 10/21/2002.

Hamblen and Hamblen: New Songs for Praise and Worship
Instrumentation for: Piano and Voice
Categories: Christian Praise and Worship, Original

Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)
Songwriters Larry and Jerry Hamblen offer a large selection of original praise and worship sheet music available for download. Most selections include a MIDI sound sample, a lyric sheet, and high quality sheet music available for download in *.gif format. Reviewed 09/18/2000
Instrumentation for: Piano & Guitar lead sheets
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Small (25-50)
This praise and worship resource from Christian pianist Fred McKinnon features over three dozen original worship songs for piano and guitar. The 'sheet music' provided for download are lead sheets which include the melody, chords, and an overhead master. MP3 and MIDI files are provided for sampling the songs, and CD purchase options are available as well. Added 12/31/2001.

Jazz for Worship
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)
Here you'll find 50+ original songs that express Christian faith and belief. Songs are in a variety of musical styles, including Jazz, Bossa, Pop, Classical and more. Downloadable scores are available for each song in PDF format, and if you wish, you can also download ALL the songs in a single score. A four part harmony score version is available, as well as overhead projector slides. MP3 and MIDI files are also available so you can hear how the lyrics fit together with the music. Added 06/24/2003.

Kerby Music
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original, Christian, New Age Piano

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Pianist Lindy Kerby freely gives access to sheet music for almost two dozen of her original compositions and arrangements. These include
Creation, Blessings from Heaven, Just Like the Sun, Simple Pleasures and others. All song are in high quality PDF format, and MP3 files are available so you can hear how the songs should be played. Added 01/03/2003.

Music to the World
Instrumentation for: Piano, Bass, Cello, Clarinet, Violin, Strings, Brass, Choir, More...
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Medium (25-50)
Music to the World is, to quote, "a ministry of service and hope providing samples, fully orchestrated musical scores, vocal (choir) arrangements and overhead transparency masters at no cost via the Internet." They provide original praise and worship music for churches with worship leaders in mind. All songs come with the following: RealAudio song samples, MP3's with and without vocals, *.pdf scores for various instruments and choir, and overhead master projectors. In terms of providing worship leaders with what they need to evaluate new songs, MTTW does it right. Updated 08/26/2002.
Instrumentation for: Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet, More
Categories: Classical, Hymns, Children's, Christmas, Folk

Catalog Size: Very Large (500-1000) has one of the highest quality, most complete catalogs of free sheet music for piano and other instruments that we've reviewed. Once you create a user account (which is free), you'll find dozens of titles, sorted by category as well as alphabetically. While a majority of the pieces are classical, there is a considerable selection of music from other categories including Ragtime, Hymns, Children, Folk, and Christmas. Most of the selections offers at MySheetMusic are free, though a few require a pay subscription to download. All selections are available in the popular *.pdf format and are very high quality. Note, free downloadable manuscript paper is also available. Updated 06/24/2002.

New Hope Music
Instrumentation for: Guitar, Piano, Choir
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
New Hope Music features a large selection of original praise and worship music based on scripture from the Bible. All the songs come with chords and MIDI, and many have PDF arrangements for easy piano as well. Other selections include MP3 or RealAudio recordings. Browse by title or category. All songs are free to use and share with others. Added 11/23/2002.

RoDeby Music: Church Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Organ, Voice, Choral
Categories: Christian, Classical, Christmas

Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
This very interesting collection of church choral sheet music includes hymn arrangements, as well as Christmas carols, chants, motets, organ works and descants. There are many notable selections in this mix of original and classical/traditional works, including some more unusual works. Be sure to check out the 'compositions' as well as 'arrangements' categories to find all the music. Sheet music available in high quality PDF format. Updated 11/23/2002.

Rycun Music Company
Instrumentation for: Jazz Ensemble, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Sax, More...
Categories: Original, Christmas, Christian.
Catalog Size: Medium (25-100)
Jazz composer Ryan Cullen offers visitors his many original scores for jazz ensemble (as well as some solo jazz piano) for download, including arrangements of
The Lord's Prayer, Amazing Grace, and a few popular Christmas tunes. MIDI files are available for each selection for listening, and level of difficulty for each selection is noted. In addition to these arrangements, Rycun offers over 30 jazz lead sheets from his 'Online Fakebook'. Added 03/24/2002.

Sally DeFord Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Choral
Categories: Christian, Christmas, Original

Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
Sally's web site features her many choral, duet, solo and instrumental sheet music collections and arrangements primarily for the LDS church. You'll find cantatas, childrens sheet music, Christmas sheet music, as well as a topical and alphabetical index. These collections are free for download, and may be used for any non-profit event. All sheet music is available in *.pdf format, and may also be ordered on CD-ROM. Updated 06/24/2003.

Share Christian Music Resource
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Very Small (Less than 10)
This UK site contains downloadable sheet music for original, contemporary songs written by the 'Share songteam'. These songs are definitely not your typical 'worship' music. The lyrics are very youth-oriented, and seem to be targeted to the 'skateboard generation.' Some come across (unintentionally?) as parody. Whatever the intent, downloadable sheet music for piano and guitar are provided in *.gif format. Added 09/23/2002.
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Strings, Winds, Big Band, Etc.
Categories: Classical, Historical, Christian
, Christmas, Original
Catalog Size: Huge is the sheet music home of Scorch software by Sibelius. The advantages of the site, when you have the free software plug-in, are many. For example, you can transpose any song instantly, change instrumentation, and actually listen to the song while you view the music with the click of the button. At the Sibelius site you'll find thousands of sheet music selections. Most of these are for sale (they provide the first page free), but within each category you'll find plenty of free sheet music titles to download. Unfortunately, Sibelius does not currently have a 'free' sheet music category to browse, meaning the only way to find the free sheet music is to browse through the 'pay' sheet music. Sibelius does provide a search tool, however, so if you're looking for a particular piece, it's quite easy to find it. Nice site, nice design. Recommended for a visit. Updated 12/03/2002.

Songs of Praise: Original Worship Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar Tablature and Lead Sheets
Categories: Christian
, Christmas
Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
Here you'll find a fantastic collection of original songs for worship and praise in your church by numerous artists. This well organized site features nearly two hundred songs, most with free downloadable sheet music you can print right from your web browser. Each song also has a midi file, and many of the songs also have RealAudio and MP3 files to listen to. There's also a very nice selection of sheet music arrangements for original Christmas music. Many songs even include translations, for French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and many others. Check out the 'Jukebox' which allows you to listen to the songs featured here. Updated 04/22/2002.

Steve Massey (Hill View Music)
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Choir
Categories: Original
, Christian
Catalog Size: Small (Less than 10)
Worship and Praise leader Steve Massey offers lead sheets from his beautiful CD,
'Come to the Table' in PDF format. Lead sheet provided for guitar, piano, and choir. One song is available for download directly from the site, but music from the entire album is available via or by request. See site for further details. Added 02/04/2002.

Worship Together - Free Song of the Week
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Others
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: Very Small (1 new song featured each week)
Worship together is a fantastic resource for church worship leaders - particulararly those leading worship in a youth-oriented culture. Each week Worship Together features a new free christian sheet music selection from some of today's most popular worhip oriented christian bands such as Delirious, Matt Redman, and The Passion Worship Band. To get the music, you must become a member (membership is free). You'll also need the Scorch Music Viewer to view the sheet music. Scorch allows you to not only easily transpose the music to whatever key you like, but also change the instrumentation. Updated 09/09/2002.

WOW Worship
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Voice
Categories: Christian

Catalog Size: 1 New Song Monthly
Most anyone who appreciates Christian Praise and Worship music is familiar with the very popular WOW Worship CD series. At the official WOW Worship web site, you can download free sheet music for a new worship song from the series each month. While the download is free, you are required to fill in their short survey prior to gaining access to the sheet music. The featured sheet music is provided in *.pdf format. Updated 04/08/2002.

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