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Free Sheet Music Guide: Original Artists
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Editor's Picks...
Below are our personal picks, the sites that get our highest recommendation for this genre. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Alamance CreekMusic: New Age and Romantic Piano
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original, New Age
, 'Romantic'
Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
New Age pianist Leslie Wagle is offering free sheet music samples from her many original piano collections. Those of you unfamiliar with Leslie's beautiful works will appreciate the transcriptions - straightforward, very easy to read, and varying in difficulty from intermediate to advanced. Very high quality PDFs and transcriptions, and many, many to select from. Scroll down and click on the butterfly icons to get to the sheet music. Highly recommended. Updated 05/06/2002.

Anne Ku - Original Sheet Music Compositions
Instrumentation for: Piano, Voice
Categories: Original Music

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Here you'll find free sheet music for a number of original compositions by composer Anne Ku. Click on the song title link for a song description and links to sound files and scores. Scores available in varying formats, typically *gif or *pdf. Very high quality work. Updated 04/22/2003.

Copy-Us: Internet Music Publishing
Instrumentation for: Piano, Voice, Strings, Wind & Orchestra
Categories: Classical, Original

Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)
Copy-Us is an Internet publishing house that publishes the works of composers free of charge via the Internet. All scores are free for download (in fact, you are encouraged to distribute them) and are in VERY high quality PDF format. Each score is marked to indicate difficultly, which ranges from very easy to very difficult, and you can view sheet music by instrument or composer. Copy-Us is a great concept that is very well executed. A nicely designed site - very highly recommended. Updated 09/23/2002.

Finale Showcase
Instrumentation for: Piano, Solo Instruments, Strings, Brass, Band, More...
Categories: All

Catalog Size: Huge (1000+)
Every once in a while we stumble across an absolute gem of a free sheet music site. This is one of them. This popular Finale showcase site allows Finale software users to upload their songs, arrangements, and compositions
for shared viewing, playing and transposing. The result is this huge directory filled with mostly easy sheet music arrangements for nearly all instruments in nearly every category. Classical music includes everything from Baroque, to Renaissance, Medieval and 20th century tunes. You'll find contemporary Christian music, gospel, children's music, country and rock music, rap music, show tunes, broadway, as well as soundtracks and holiday music. Instrumentation includes not only solo instruments, but arrangements for brass band, chamber, choir, handbells, and even percussion. Browse by category or instrumentation. You'll need Finale installed (which is free for download) to view and print the scores.Updated 04/22/2003.

Hsi Music: Free Original Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Very Small (10 or Less)
Pianist Michael Hsiao has made a number of his original compositions available for immediate download. These compositions, transcribed for piano, are available in easy-to-use *.pdf format. If you casually browse the site, you'll find RealAudio and MP3 versions of the songs as well. Updated 04/23/2001.

Jazzbone Records
Instrumentation for: Piano & Voice
Categories: Original, Jazz

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
At the Jazzbone Records web site, you'll find two dozen free sheet music downloads from jazz composer Stuart Tresser. All sheet music is downloadable in *.jpg format. Songs include
Misty Sea of Love, Spider Blue, Dream With Me, June Moon and others. The compositions appear to be for intermediate level pianists - most of the works are not overly complex. CDs of the works are available, performed by the Hank Johnson Trio. Updated 01/03/2003.

Jonathan FeBland - Original Compositions
Instrumentation for: Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, More.
Categories: Original New Age, Jazz and Classical

Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)
The compositional works of pianist Jonathan FeBland, trained at the Royal Academy of Music, are many and varied. There's quite a lot to peruse here, especially for those interested in Jazz and New Age musical influences. The works are in Scorch format, so while Jonathan's sheet music is not downloadable, you can print it out directly from the web page and listen online. Added 11/04/2002.

Kerby Music
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original, New Age Piano

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Pianist Lindy Kerby freely gives access to sheet music for almost two dozen of her original compositions and arrangements. These include
Creation, Blessings from Heaven, Just Like the Sun, Simple Pleasures and others. All song are in high quality PDF format, and MP3 files are available so you can hear how the songs should be played. Added 01/03/2003.

Lorie Line's "Sheet Music of the Month" Club
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original
, New Age
Catalog Size: Very Small (2 featured selections per month)
On the 1st day of each month, Lorie provides her fans a new selection of free original sheet music via her "Sheet Music of the Month" club. Generally speaking, you'll find one or two different arrangements of Lorie's music (along with a streaming MP3 file) every month. Selections provided are intermediate level. Requires
Adobe Acrobat Reader. Updated 08/12/2002.

Paul Copeland - Original Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Classical Guitar, Organ, Flute, Percussion
Categories: Original, Classical, Childrens

Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)
Piano instructors take note! Composer and piano teacher Paul Copeland is offering free sheet music from his original instrumental arrangements for piano, organ, flute and guitar. Some of these are great for kids (
Cheeky Toad Blues, Waltz of the Golliwogs), having been written by Paul specifically for his students. If you are a 'student' at a more technical level, you'll enjoy the more advanced selections. Each composition is easily downloadable in *.gif and/or *.pdf format. MIDI files are also available. If you have a few extra moments, enjoy the musical word find puzzles (also great for students), Paul's online concerts, and his Andy Warhol tribute! Updated 07/30/2001
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar (Tablature), Guitar (Lead Sheets)
Categories: Christian
, Original
Catalog Size: Very Large (500+)
Share Song features original worship and praise music composed by over 400 different worship leaders from around the world. Works are organized by author, as well as song title, most popular downloads and there is of course a searchable database. What makes Share Song particularly appealing is that a majority of the song listings include sheet music (PDFs), chort charts (tabs), MP3 files as well as lyric sheets for each song. In offering all these options Share Song pretty much offers all the tools a worship or praise leader might need. A fantastic resource. Updated 10/07/2002

More Free Original Sheet Music Resources:

Alana LaGrange
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Pianist and piano instructor Alana LaGrange has made a half-dozen of her original compositions available in sheet music and offers them to web site visitors for free. Also included is an arrangement of the popular song, "Heart and Soul." Sound files for each song are available in MP3 format. Downloadable sheet music available in PDF format. Piano lessons also available at the site. Added 05/20/2003.

Andante Music: George Rice
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: 2 Selections.
Andate Music features the music of pianist and composer George Rice. In addition to information about the pianist, you'll find two free sheet music selections from his CDs,
Monet's Garden and Love...Somewhere in Time. You'll also find free manuscript paper you can download. Sheet music is in PDF format. Added 06/24/2003.

Antonio Giacometti
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Very Small (10 or Less)
Italian Composer Antonio Giacometti offers scores from his original works. At the time of this review, the featured score was
'The Multilayered Pianos' (7 Preludes & Fugues) for two pianos. Score in high-quality PDF format, but you will need to unzip it first. The above link takes you directly to the download page. Added 02/04/2002.

Brian Crain - Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Very Small (10 or Less)
'New Age' pianist Brian Crain is one of our favorites and is now offering two new featured free sheet music downloads each month. Great solo piano music presented in very high quality PDF format. Be sure to check out Brian's listening room, where you can hear samples from all of Brian's piano works. Updated 09/23/2002.

Douglas Campbell Music
Instrumentation for: Piano (Lead Sheets) and Guitar (Lead Sheets)
Categories: Original, Christian

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Worship leader DB Campbell has provided MIDI, lyric, and sheet music downloads for nearly two dozen of his original songs. The sheet music, provided in PDF format, includes the melody, lyrics, and chords to each song. Titles include
Forgive Us Oh Lord, Holy Father, I Want to Know Him and other selections from DB's CDs, which are also available from the site. Reviewed 09/17/2001.

Fabrizio Ferrari
Instrumentation for: Piano, Violin, Clarinet, String Quartet
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Violinist Fabrizio Ferrari offers free sheet music for his own compositions, including a piano solo, violin solo, as well as chamber works and strings. MIDI files are available for each selection, and in some cases RealAudio is provided of live performances of the works. Downloads available in *.gif format. Reviewed 10/01/2001.

Hamblen and Hamblen: New Songs for Praise and Worship
Instrumentation for: Piano and Voice
Categories: Christian Praise and Worship, Original

Catalog Size: Medium (50-100)
Songwriters Larry and Jerry Hamblen offer a large selection of original praise and worship sheet music available for download. Most selections include a MIDI sound sample, a lyric sheet, and high quality sheet music available for download in *.gif format. Reviewed 09/18/2000

Jeff Harrington - Original Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Violin, Flute, Chamber & Orchestral Music
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Small (25-50)
Jeff's piano music and orchestral compositions are a reflection of his interest in drama and dance, in particular inspired by classical and New Orleans music traditions. Jeff's site features numerous original scores (available for immediate download in *.pdf format) for both piano (preludes) and orchestra. There's some fascinating music here. Updated 11/19/2001.

John Schmidt, Piano
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original, New Age

Catalog Size: Very Small (Currently 2 Selections)
This New Age/Classical pianist offers two of his original compositions for
free download in PDF format. The sheet music includes helpful notes on playing the pieces as well as a unique rhythm counting aid. Updated 04/22/2002.

Joe Curry, Piano
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original
Catalog Size: Very Small (2)
Pianist Joe Curry has made two selections from his piano album 'Milestones' available as free downloadable sheet music. Available in PDF format. Brief RealAudio files are made available to give you a feel for the song. Added 03/11/2002.

Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Classical
, Original, Christmas
Catalog Size: Small (25-50)
mfiles offers visitors a very nice collection of high-quality free classical sheet music featuring music from Bach, Beethoven, Byrd, Chopin, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Saint-Saens, Satie, Tallis and many more. In addition, mfiles has an attractive collection of Christmas music, as well as original sheet music - most notably some very compelling pieces from composer Jim Paterson. These original works include music for film and television, as well as a number of selections in the Jazz, Ragtime, Celtic, and Latin music genres. Downloadable sheets are provided in *.gif format (zipped), and all are also available in Scorch format (see site for details) allowing you to play, transpose, and change instrumentation on the fly. Music for most selections are also available in MIDI or MP3 format, and you'll also find detailed information about the various composers. Updated 01/07/2002.
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Strings, Wind, Chorale, Others...
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Large (100-500) is unique in that it offers digital sheet music scores exclusively from the Philippines. While the site does include over 2,000 sheet music titles for sale, if you look under 'Free Downloads' (left bar), you'll find nearly 200 free scores by original composers. Registration is required to access the free scores, but sample PDF's are available without having to register. All scores in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. A very nicely designed web site. Added 08/26/2002.

Ophelia's Sheet Music Series
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Very Small (1 selection featured, changed monthly)
'Award winning pianist and composer' Ophelia Handberry offers free sheet music for one or her original songs each month. Selections are primarily for intermediate piano, and are available in both *.gif and *.pdf format, with an MP3 file provided for reference. Reviewed 09/24/2001.

Rycun Music Company
Instrumentation for: Jazz Ensemble, Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Sax, More...
Categories: Original, Christmas, Christian.
Catalog Size: Medium (25-100)
Jazz composer Ryan Cullen offers visitors his many original scores for jazz ensemble (as well as some solo jazz piano) for download, including arrangements of
The Lord's Prayer, Amazing Grace, and a few popular Christmas tunes. MIDI files are available for each selection for listening, and level of difficulty for each selection is noted. In addition to these arrangements, Rycun offers over 30 jazz lead sheets from his 'Online Fakebook'. Added 03/24/2002.

Sally DeFord Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Choral
Categories: Christian, Christmas, Original

Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
Sally's web site features her many choral, duet, solo and instrumental sheet music collections and arrangements primarily for the LDS church. You'll find cantatas, childrens sheet music, Christmas sheet music, as well as a topical and alphabetical index. These collections are free for download, and may be used for any non-profit event. All sheet music is available in *.pdf format, and may also be ordered on CD-ROM. Updated 06/24/2003.
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Voice, Strings, Winds, Big Band, Etc.
Categories: Classical, Historical, Christian
, Christmas, Original
Catalog Size: Huge is the sheet music home of Scorch software by Sibelius. The advantages of the site, when you have the free software plug-in, are many. For example, you can transpose any song instantly, change instrumentation, and actually listen to the song while you view the music with the click of the button. At the Sibelius site you'll find thousands of sheet music selections. Most of these are for sale (they provide the first page free), within each category you'll find plenty of free sheet music titles to download. Unfortunately, Sibelius does not currently have a 'free' sheet music category to browse, meaning the only way to find the free sheet music is to browse through the 'pay' sheet music. Sibelius does provide a search tool, however, so if you're looking for a particular piece, it's quite easy to find it. Nice site, nice design. Recommended for a visit. Added 07/30/2001.

Songs of Praise: Original Worship Sheet Music
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar Tablature and Lead Sheets
Categories: Christian
, Christmas
Catalog Size: Large (100-500)
Here you'll find a fantastic collection of original songs for worship and praise in your church by numerous artists. This well organized site features nearly two hundred songs, most with free downloadable sheet music you can print right from your web browser. Each song also has a midi file, and many of the songs also have RealAudio and MP3 files to listen to. There's also a very nice selection of sheet music arrangements for original Christmas music. Many songs even include translations, for French, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and many others. Check out the 'Jukebox' which allows you to listen to the songs featured here. Updated 04/22/2002.

Steve Massey (Hill View Music)
Instrumentation for: Piano, Guitar, Choir
Categories: Original
, Christian
Catalog Size: Small (Less than 10)
Worship and Praise leader Steve Massey offers lead sheets from his beautiful CD,
'Come to the Table' in PDF format. Lead sheet provided for guitar, piano, and choir. One song is available for download directly from the site, but music from the entire album is available via or by request. See site for further details. Added 02/04/2002.

William B. Goldberg - Cormorant Press
Instrumentation for: Piano
Categories: Original

Catalog Size: Small (10-25)
Cormorant's free sheet music selections include music for solo piano as well as piano and voice. Most are original compositions by William B. Goldberg. All selections are available in *.gif format (scanned from the original - the quality varies) and you may, if you wish download all selections at once in a single *.zip file. *.wav files are available to sample most of the music. Updated 12/03/2002

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